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About Church Matters

Bryn taught in comprehensive schools for twelve years, initially in Cheltenham, and then spending the last six years as the head of a mathematics and computing department in Witney. He was seconded to Keble College, Oxford to undertake a Master's degree in management; key topics included policy making, planning and leadership. The M.Sc. was completed with original research into the management of change.

In the second half of the eighties, Bryn was office manager and counselling trainer for a charity based in the South West, before becoming a free-lance management trainer. One of his major clients was Marc Europe, a training, consultancy and research organisation offering specialist help for churches and charities. They created the role of Director of Leadership Training specifically to utilise his skills and experience. Bryn conducted over two hundred seminars on these courses, varying in duration from one day to one week, enhancing the management skills of Christian leaders.

Since Marc Europe closed, Bryn is continuing the same work. Delegates from over twenty countries have attended one week seminars and Bryn has taken courses to various parts of Africa, to Scandinavia, Holland, Spain, the USA, and widely in the former Eastern Bloc.

Bryn was vice chair of the board of Bawtry Hall, a conference and missions centre in South Yorkshire and has been on the board of several missions including M.A.F. He is also used by leading organisations in the Christian charity sector as a consultant at senior management level, often involved in vision and strategic planning issues, as well as senior staff development.

His published books are "Leadership Tool Kit" (1998), "Small Group Know How" (2001) and "Discipling, Coaching and Mentoring" (2003).

I see my life purpose in ministry as:

"to equip the saints for their work of ministry"


I will always seek to conduct my work according to these values:

  • Flexibility
  • An overt biblical base
  • Competence and wide experience
  • Integrity
  • An ardent desire to see people change
  • Tailor-made courses
  • An empathetic style and approach
  • Well validated, top quality materials


For more information about the services offered by Church Matters, the books written by Bryn or to get in touch, please use the links at the top of the page.


Bryn is a member of Grace Church, Stoke on Trent, part of Newfrontiers.


Church Matters Ltd (registered no 4755027) is a registered company trading at the address given on the contact page.